Monday, February 1, 2010

New Artwork!

Hey there! I have some new artwork to post, it's been a while since last time. I've been trying to put them on my official website but my laptop's been having problems with Adobe Dreamweaver...once I get that working again, my website shall be updated! In the mean time, here are 2 new artworks:

This is my version of Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid. This was a fun project for a contest held on deviantART, in which I got honorable mention. But the contest wasn't really what mattered, I just wanted an excuse to design my own version of Ariel, since I'm a huge fan of the movie. :D

This is a guest comic I did for my friend Cheri's webcomic, Pictures of Crying Children. I basically took her characters and put my own spin on them, hence the hilarious story of them not recognizing each other and yes, that's me in the last panel with my evil pencil of doom. This was just a fun side project, which I intend to keep on doing; not just for her, but for myself. I will most likely have a webcomic up soon, I will keep everyone posted!

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