Sunday, May 17, 2009

Well hey there! So this blog is mostly going to be for my sketches, line drawings, rendered drawings, and any other nice doodles I come up with. I'm just going to throw in some random stuff in here for pure entertainment, enjoy! This first one here is my line drawing for my first Ely senior thesis project, Dark Phoenix.

This second one is the original line drawing for Psylocke (just the figure). This was before I fixed the face, but I still like it!

The process of getting Mystique's figure looking perfect, I had to try out different head poses and correct anatomy. Here's a few attempts before getting it right.
Preliminary Sketch

First Line Drawing

Final Line Drawing

And finally, here are some preliminary sketches/line drawings/color sketches for Rogue.

First Sketch

First Draft, there were too many problems in this one (such as perspective, scale, anatomy, etc) so I changed it completely to what it is today. This next one is the sketch of the final Rogue figure.

I had her winking, but I soon changed it to her just smirking.

Well, that's all for now, I'll be back with more sketches soon enough! Take care!

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